The LOVE DIVINE FOUNDATION is a project that is established to memorialise one of our founding members, Love Divine Ike (PictureKodak 1996 - 2020), to celebrate her lifestyle, fulfil her dreams and secure her legacy as a major contributor to the Afro Urban Culture, and most importantly to realise her vision as it pertains to the empowerment of young girls and the celebration of radical femininity.

This fundraising campaign is set up to raise the seed funding required to establish the works of the foundation which includes LEGACY PROJECT (Training, workshops and transmission), MEMORY PROJECT  (Documentary, documentation and exhibition), COMMUNITY CENTRE (A dance center dedicated to the dancestor herself), FASHION & LIFESTYLE BRAND (To share the liberation she exhumes through her styles) and the reinvigoration  of the DANCE COMPANY (This is WestSyde Lifestyle 2.0).